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BLITZ Technology is a state-of-the art, eco-friendly Nanotechnology company that is officially launched this year, 2018. With its main Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California USA, the company aims to build brighter future by providing access to innovative technologies and create greater  opportunities for everyone.


BLITZ, is spearheading the way in which we utilize electricity more efficiently. It is an environmental company that is developing and creating products that will spell the difference in significant savings for every household and institutions.  


Last year, the product was launched to test various markets for a period of 10 months.  It was installed in private residencences, commercial establishments such as online casino, restaurant, laundromat, salon and hospital. The result of the test market was amazing with no returns and zero percent complaints. 


BLITZ Technology continues to pursue new discoveries.  We believe in honoring our commitments and principles in everything we do as a Global Company to our community. We are now ready to introduce BLITZ to the world.  


We believe that a single idea can change the world.  The company's  vision is to continuously launch products that are useful to consumers and eco-friendly to the environment.  Because if we push the boundaries of modern technology, we can create great ideas that will not only protect but improve the way we live.