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Frequently Asked Questions



Does Blitz card reduce electricity consumption?

No, the Blitz card does not reduce electricity consumption. What it does is reduce the wastage of electricity in the wiring systems in your homes and vehicles. Hence, it converts potentially wasted energy into useful energy.


What makes Blitz card different?

Blitz card is a unique nano green technology. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles. The enhanced power of your automobile's engine can be felt within10-15 minutes of you driving. You can enjoy savings up to 30% on your electricity bill in both residential and commercial properties.


How do you install Blitz card?

The installation of Blitz card is quite simple. There is no tampering to the existing wiring and no need to shut down the switches and power in the panel. Therefore, there are no interruption that may cause glitches or power outages. in vehicles, simply place the card in the inlet of your car's gas cap.


How does Blitz card reduce fuel consumption?

This Blitz technology reduces wastage of electricity in the ignition system, thus, your vehicle is able to achieve a more efficient and complete combustion reducing fuel consumption. The end result is an improvement of vehicle mileage, increased horsepower and overall efficiency.


Is Blitz card safe, ethical and legal?

Yes. As long as the Blitz card is used as recommended, it is perfectly safe. It will not tamper or damage the meter or the electrical components of the wiring system in the panel as it is installed within the distribution board. This technology is fully compliant with local state and federal laws and holds a U.S. patent.


How long does the Blitz card last?

The Blitz card is guaranteed and designed to last up to 5 years upon installation. This warranty will be void if the card is damaged by fire/heat, tampered with in any way, bent or broken and not it its original condition.