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For the Homes and Establishments


Interesting Facts

With a 5-year life span, the BLITZ is a breakthrough new generation nano technology. It reduces power wastage that can consistently result to boosting the power of your money.

100% Legal, Safe and Effective

The BLITZ is 100% legal, safe to use and is fully compliant with local state and federal laws and holds a U.S. patent. This is suitable for homes, buildings, institutions and vehicles.

Reducing Electrical Spikes

Blitz is a high spikes eliminator. EMF/Electricity are compressed and recycled in the process. Recovering lost electricty back into the wiring system.

Powerful Vibration

The unique vibration wave of BLITZ card is powerful enough to compress the excess electrical wastage that enables you to use electricity more effiiciently.

Extends Life Span

Because of BLITZ card's ability to eliminate the high spikes in the electricity cable, it extends the life span of electrical appliances. Making it a wiser investment.

Eco-friendly Environment

BLITZ card gives us radiation protection and an eco-friendly environment that is healthy and with reduced radiation exposure. It's definitely healthier with Blitz.