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Michael S.

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

I drive my car from Pennsylvania to Manhattan, NY five times a week. My gasoline expenses is ridiculously high. Blitz card not only improved my car's performance, but i began saving cash in the process.

Tony P.

New York, NY

Is it true that I can use this Blitz card for 5 years? Wow! I already got what I paid for this thing in one month. This technology, whatever you may call it...works amazingly!

Coleen T.

Manila, Philippines

After using Blitz card for almost 3 weeks now, I can say that this really works! My 5-year-old car's fuel consumption decreased tremendously. I always have my car on full tank every week. But since I used this, I only refilled the fuel on its second week And my car now runs as if it just had its change oil. Thumbs up!

Lucille D

Orange County, California

I got curious when I saw Blitz card on the web. I purchased one last month. I sticked it on my main electrical circuit breaker as instructed. Oh my, 30% savings is true! My first month savings is more than what I paid for!

O. Levy

Orange County, California

Amazing product! I am a small-scale retail store. My business ran 7 days a week and my electricity bill is always high. I tried this product to see if I can really save. I did save 35% from my last bill. Unbelievable!

David L.

Holmdel, New Jersey

At first, I am skeptical to try it. I put it in the gas cap door as instructed on the package. After about 5 minutes of driving, I felt the difference and how the performance of my car was enhanced. I really couldn't believe it! I'm glad I tried it! I've been saving gas ever since. I am now recommending it to my friends and relatives!