60-day Trial Money Back Guarantee experience the powerof blitz technology

For Vehicles


Simple & Easy to Install

The installation of Blitz card is quite simple. There is no tampering to the existing wiring and no need to shut down the switches and power in the panel. Therefore, offering zero disruptions to operations.

Boost Engine

Most Blitz card users have felt their vehicle's extra engine boost in less than 10 minutes of driving after installation. Keep boosted.

Increase Horsepower

Blitz card gives your vehicle better performance when climbing upward slopes. Try it and feel the enhanced horsepower! More cards means more power!

Increases Car Life

Blitz will definitely increase your vehicle's so-called car life. Decreased engine vibration, better combustion and smooth driving are some of the main effects that you will feel.

Easy Power Steering

Experience light and easy to manage steering wheel. Blitz card will definitely make your long drive easier from now on.

Efficient Combustion

Blitz card allows efficient gas and electricity combustion. This process removes the wastage of energy equivalent to added value for your money.